corporate, brand design and strategy.

  • brand is not just a logotype
  • a logotype is not
    just a nice pic
  • a nice pic
    can't build a strategy
  • a strategy
    needs a vision
  • a vision
    comes with experience
  • experience
    grows a strong brand
  • then,
  • graphic design
    is consciously consequent.

this is the proudly designless website of a corporate image designer.

by the way, I'm a former type designer, then brand manager and strategist with over 25 years of experience worldwide.

... and oh, since last year, I also do some SEO activity for a couple of small italian "PMI" (Medium/Small Companies), most seroiusly than I've ever done before.

madly passionated (and even skilled!) in semiotics and hermeneutics applied onto both digital and conventional media communication.

worked for several important and irrelevant brands, sometimes well payed, sometimes not.

same ol' story, anyway.

I do not believe in portfolios as they could be fake and of course, built to sell.

I do not sell anything, I just work and I strongly believe in people in action.

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